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[Book review] The Pheonix project

The Phoenix Project: A Novel About IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win


Once you can get past the title (a bit of a mouthful) it’s a cracking read aimed at anyone working in IT management. The author Gene Kim, founder of tripwire, has previously written the visible ops handbook – he knows his onions.

The book is well written and reads easy in the style of a novel – not what you typically expect. Anyone who’s worked in IT will immediately relate to all the characters in the plot, I found myself subconsciously nodding my head when reading!

The Phoenix Project, simply and clearly relates concepts around resource management, constraints, kanban and the three ways.  After reading this book, you’ll get a feel for the basic concepts of these, use cases and how they underpin devops. While each topic is deeper than the content in the book, it’s a good starting point.

After reading the book, I came away with at least some new ideas to put into practise – although I did find the book’s ending a bit hollywood. Still it’s a great read and recommended to anyone working in IT management or devops.

Netflix AWS architecture – talk from Adrian Cockcroft

A5RR0gRCMAEai5xThis week I went to a talk on AWS architecture from Netflix’s chief architecture - Adrian Cockcroft.  The talk covered a broad range of topics and in a good deal of technical detail (yeesss).  Adrian’s blog on performance tools, cloud architecture and capacity planning is here and he’s worth following on twitter… @adrianco

Here’s details on the netflix tech stack, take home quotes/information, netflix monkeys and what Netflix don’t use AWS for: Continue reading