Five web performance tools for developers and operations

I can highly recommend these tools and if combined will make a difference to any website performance.  I’ve included a couple of IIS flavour web performance tools below – a platform which isn’t that widely support for killer web performance.  Anyway here’s the list – enjoy. Rich

1. mod_pagespeed

It’s out of beta and looks great, here’s a (worthwhile) 1hr video on mod_pagespeed – expect Google to improve on this in the coming months.

2. ControlJS

[excerpt from Steve's page]

“A number of web accelerators (like AptimizeStrangeloopFastSoftCloudFlareTorbit, and more recentlymod_pagespeed) have emerged over the last year or so. They modify the HTML markup to inject performance best practices into the page. Thinking about this model I considered ways that markup could be changed to more easily delay the impact of JavaScript on progressive rendering.  The result is a JavaScript module I call ControlJS.”

But basically enables you to start the DOM execution earlier.

3. Instantly make any ASP.NET website faster with almost no effort!

This module does auto spriting, minification and bundling all at runtime – developer friendly. But as you never get ‘owt for ‘nowt be interested to see the server load.

4. Run a free website speed test from multiple locations around the globe using real browsers (IE and Chrome)

great site which is fast becoming the defacto standard for RUM, you can install a privately hosted instance to test your website over time.  It’s like a server side firebug but you’re able to select a worldwide location and browser (smile)

5. Bundling and Minification Support in ASP.NET 4.5

Title says it all…